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Who can ride with us?

You can rent an off-road prepared 4x4 vehicle from us.

You can bring your own 4x4 vehicle if it fit's the tour type.

You can bring your own 4x4 vehicle and invite your friends to rent one.

The group size is limited to 5 rented vehicles or/and maximum 10 vehicles in total.

How difficult is it?

The routes are medium with some difficult sections, especially in bad weather.

For difficult sections we help every driver if it's necessary.

For private groups we can increase or decrease the difficulty level on request (like for SUV tours).

The purpose of the tour is to get safely to special places and not to prove ourselfs or test the 4x4 vehicle's capabilityes.

Anybody with minimum 3 years of driving experience can drive. We give driving instructions for any specific terrain or section of the tour.

Accommodation and meals

Regular tours are based on pensions and hotels (minimum 3*). We like to spoil our guests and use 4* or specialy selected locations when available. 

We organize camping tours as an option for private groups.
For small groups we prefer to offer BB (bed and breakfast). 

All hotels have restaurants where we can eat dinner.

We bring picnic, barbeque and cofee gear. Most lunches are picnic or lunch box.

Our vehicle's features

Join us

The rental vehicles are Nissan Patrol Y61, 5 doors, 3 liter diesel engine.

Models are 2001-2006.
All vehicles have 33" MT tires.
The vehicles have transfer gear and rear differential lock.
Some have winch and off-road bullbar. In every group we have at least one winch.
All vehicles have modified, higher suspension (5-7cm).

For some vehicles we can offer roof tent.

Our rental vehicles are suitable for all our routes.

Your vehicle features

Your vehicles should fit the tour type.
Good ground clearence and  AT tires are ussualy enough for most tours.

MT tires are still higly recommended.
The vehicles need transfer gear.

Differential lock it's welcomed.
For SUV tours (only closed groups) we adapt the routes to your vehicles.

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