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You can choose from discovery trips, moderate off-road experience up to challenging driving routes in Transylvania and the Carpathian Mountains. We guide you weather you choose to be a passenger or drive yourself. Coming with your own jeep is also an option. Hotels or camping, depends on how adventurous you are... Everything is included to focus your mind on the 4x4, outdoors, nature, team experience.

Transylvanian experience 5-7 days 

Best Times: all arround the year

Transylvania is a large plateau with different landscapes, surrounded by the Carpathians. Our tours try to cover, overlanding as much as possible, the nature diversity as well as cultural, ethnographic and religious communities. The standard tours start from Bucharest, and Sibiu. We enjoy all kind of terrain from river canions to the Carpathians ridges.

​For closed groups we can customize the tour including specific attractions and routes. The character of the tour is  flexible: easy to difficult off-road, discovery, cultural, self-driving, passenger, drive your jeep, camping, pensions or hotels, all this options are up to you.    

Carpathians essentials 5-7 days
Best Times: June to October
The tours cover the highest and most interesting Carpathian ranges. We spend most of the time in wild or remote areas. We stay far from the popular touristic attractions, looking more for nature, off-road driving and the traditional way of life of the locals.  We use the 4x4 capabilities of the jeeps to optimize the routes and find the hidden beauties of Romania. We witness the authentic folk culture and ancient technologies and crafts on spot. We meet the shepards living during summer in the high mountains...
Adventure experience 5-7 days

Best Times: all arround the year

Thees tours are designed for the most adventurous of you. We can explore together new routes or camping sites, taking care to check all the important views and off-road tracks. The team experience, of sharing information, taking decisions, cooking, taking part in outdoor activities is the flavor of thees tours. Planning is reduced to a minimum to better fit the group's rhythm and taste. Camping in the wild, trekking, horse ridding, rafting, canoeing, biking, living the Shepard's life, chopping wood... all this can make the fun. The tours are customized for closed groups.  

1 2 3 days from Bucharest and Sibiu

Best Times: all arround the year

Short tours that can be part of your holiday if you want a different and more exciting experience. The jeep provides access to rural or remote mountain areas with tremendous touristic interest. You can see more than the "mass tourism polluted" sites. Although is not a purpose, driving in difficult terrain and weather conditions can be an exciting learning experience, an escape from the urban environment, making you enjoy the outdoor activities as a trekker does.