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Company profile and more

We are outdoor enthusiasts, with trekking and off-road background. We guide off-road tours in Romania since 1996. We have a long experience in showing Romania, Romanian people, culture and nature to foreigners. We like to give you a comprehensive view of our country and make you our friends for future adventures.


We work as tour operator for Israeli tourism companies, self-driving guided tours, groups formed with our vehicles, hotel only.

We recently opened our self-driving tours for private customers, groups formed with our Nissan Patrols or/and 4x4 vehicles owned by our clients.

We organize and guide overlanding tours for 4x4 vehicles owners only.


Our company is a fully licensed tour operator. We can provide all spectrum of touristic services. We operate our own jeeps, carefully prepared for the best 4x4 experience. Most jeeps are Nissan Patrol, model 2001-2006, equipped with 33" MT tires and off-road ready suspension for muddy or bumpy routes, snorkel for the dusty roads and winch for special occasions. We like to use all this features for the best off-road experience of our guests. We offer a safe journey even in the most difficult and unexpected circumstances.


We believe the jeep to be the best way to travel in Romania. It offers flexibility, safety, comfort and more options in holidays design.

Although is not a purpose, driving in difficult terrain and weather conditions can be an exciting learning experience.
Our tours are self driving tours. On request, we can provide you a driver or guide for each car.
Our cars have 4x4 capabilities such as low gear, 33” MT tires, off-road ready suspension, winch, snorkel.

The cars are linked by radio communication.
Our guides are off-road experts and know the travel areas also as trekkers.
We spend the nights in hotels with minimum 3 stars or good pensions with restaurant, considering that comfort is needed after a challenging driving day. When available, we choose hotels with SPA facilities. Breakfast is continental and it’s included in the room’s price.

For private groups only we offer overlanding tours.

In summer time we propose picnic lunches. In various places, you may go by yourselves and enjoy some free time for eating, shopping or entertainment.

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