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We are outdoor enthusiasts, with trekking and off-road background. We guide off-road tours in Romania since 1996. We have a long experience in showing Romania, Romanian people, culture and nature to foreigners. We like to give you a comprehensive view of our country and make you our friends for future adventures.

Our company is a fully licensed tour operator. We can provide all spectrum of touristic services. We operate our own jeeps, carefully prepared for the best 4x4 experience. Most jeeps are Nissan Patrol, model 2001-2006, equipped with 33" MT tires for muddy or bumpy routes, higher off-road ready suspension, snorkel for the dusty roads and winch for special occasions. We like to use all this features for the best off-road experience for our guests, looking for a safe journey even in the most difficult and unexpected circumstances.

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We believe the jeep to be the best way to travel in Romania. It offers flexibility, safety, comfort and additional opportunities in designing your holiday.
The jeep is the only means of transport which provides acces to rural or mountain remote areas, with tremendous touristic intrest. It gives us more options in choosing the most impresive, pitoresque and conveniant routes. If you travel by jeep, you can reach special hidden objectives and see more than the „polluted” common turistic sites. On and off-road, the jeep provides safety and comfort for you and your familly.
We also use the jeep as support vehicle for outdoor activities such as: camping, trekking and mountain bike. When the weather betrays us, the jeep saves the day, making easy for you to change the program. The jeep is big enough to carry a lot of equipment, necessary for active holidays. 
Although is not a purpose, driving in difficult terrain and rough weather can be an exciting learning experience, an escape from the urban environment, making you enjoy the outdoor activities as a trekker does.
Our tours are self driving tours. On request we can provide you a driver or guide for each car.
Our cars have 4x4 capabilities, with low gear that can easily pass over the difficult sections (Nissan Patrol and Toyota Landcruiser). Some of our cars are specially prepared for off road with special 33” tires, lifted up suspension and winch. 
Our guides are off-road experts and know the travel areas also as trekkers.
We spend the nights in hotels with minimum 3 stars or good pensions with restaurant, considering that comfort is needed after a challenging driving day. When available, we choose hotels with SPA facilities.
Breakfast is continental and it’s included in the room’s price. Most of the hotels or pensions we use have their own restaurant which allows you to enjoy even a nightcap. In order to save time, we recommend that, for large groups, restaurant meals are pre-ordered. For small groups, we prefer to let you choose on site. In summer time we propose picnic lunches. In various places, you may go by yourselves and enjoy some free time for eating, shopping or entertainment.
A regular day means up to 8 hours of driving, not more than 2 hours without an objective or activity break.
The tours are designed to mix attractions and split long driving sections. Depending on your preferences we can drive more, walk more or spend more time on tourist sites. 
Most tours from this site can be adapted for MTB riders with jeep support. 
For active and adventure holidays, we can spend the night camping and provide you with the necessary equipment.
We kindly advice you to ask for our support to design the best tour according to your hotel locations, skills, training level and interest.
Any destination or objective you desire in Romania can be included in the tour, even if is not mentioned on our website.